Drawing Siyav putting their shoes on was kinda fun for some reason?

Originally this page was 3 panels, and it was just these 3 reacting to Wynn’s walk out. The entire text was basically what’s in the second panel.

The pacing felt wrong, it would work if I were putting Blessings out every day or 10 pages at a time or something,  but wasting a whole update on that much nothing annoyed me. So instead I put some insight into WHY the next few pages happen they way THEY do. (And a little more tension between Shirley and Luxa)

I’m getting back into a better flow of work already! The last month and change hit me hard with physical illness, and the anniversary of my father’s death kicked me harder than I thought it was going to. However, if I can can keep even CLOSE to my current work rate I should be able to have a proper buffer again very soon. 😀