Siyav you have been dating for something like 28 hours that does not mean it’s time to meet the fam


Wynn: Maybe some other time
Shirley: We agreed, don’t make it weird Si.

Siyav: I’m making it weird? Not Wynn slipping that they want us to be their family?

Wynn: I said MAYBE MEET my family!

Siyav: Then pick a day and we’ll have dinner with ’em. Tick Tock
Shirley: Wynn’s people have a rule, a year first.
SFX: giggle

Siyav: Does that mean I have to rely on you to shmooze for me for a season?
Wynn: They’ll probably let me round up. Since your related.
Wynn: Haven’t done that since school
Siyav&Shirley: Since school?!