I’M BACK!!!!!!!!!

That hiatus lasted WAY longer than I wanted it to, due to a variety of things going wonky during my move. I’ll get into that at the bottom.
And so starts the real story, the juicy part Wynn wanted to know.

One of the things I wasn’t sure if I implied properly is the like…level of peace mortals had before this. Wars existed, but they weren’t the same. Wars typically had very few casualties due to standard rules of conduct and healing magic, they were significantly smaller scale overall too, and usually were started because every person in each faction had a personal reason to fight. Civilians were never harmed, though sometimes captured. Mortals overall before this story, were really respectful of each other, of life, of the planet they live on and how they fit into it.

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Move stuff: So first, I had to pack up my apartment. I was doing significantly more than my share of the work for the first several weeks of packing, and the actual move day was a painful kind of chaos. Stayed up til 5 am packing to wake up at  6 and keep packing kind of chaos. Didn’t get all our possessions due to a mix of time constraints and damage rendered by the old apartment (which our landlord severely neglected and there was little we could do on our end) type of chaos.

I had to rehome 2 cats, one of which had to be rehomed outside of my influence, and I am still on and off crushed about that. She was given into my brother’s temporary care while I got everything packed in my pod, had the pod picked up and then rush to the airport.

After arriving in my new state my roommates and I (5 total) stayed in a hotel while I house hunted. Took about 2 months during which time I had access to very little workable shit and the task of finding us all a place to live was functionally my full time job. After we got our place I had to dealwith having lost my desk and wires for my monitor in the move. Couldn’t find new wires, had to borrow a tv, had to wait for a desk. This all together took another…four months or so? I worked sparingly at the edge of a bed using the bedroom tv as a monitor but it wasn’t an efficient way to get things done.

Then I could FINALLY DRAW. But I also have to work on the next chapters because I DON’T want to do another hiatus once this chapter finishes up. So I decided I wouldn’t update until I had all of the pages for this chapter done and thus had a decent buffer.