Pan 1:
Book: The only consistency shown in who have been Blessed by Swigne is that – unlike other Blessed- the Gourmands are found hungry rather than indulging in Swigne’s most favored trait.

Pan 2:
Book: No one is sure why this difference exists. Swigne refuses to answer.
Wynn: You can’t figure out that he- THEY- want to help people? Who wrote this crap?

Pan 3:
Book: *Contact information for the Immortals branch of Scholars can be found in the back page of this book should you have information about a Gourmand you wish to share.
Wynn: Maybe I should visit these “scholars”, they sound like idiots…
SFX: burp

Pan 4:
Wynn: She wanted to see me when I..
Librarian: Finished the first chapter dear?