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I finally have things settling on my end. The health issues I was having took up my life since December 5th but now I’ve got everything handled, Doctors say I’m fine, and I’ve got my meds in order to not have to worry about it happening again. WOO

Nievu’s spell is basically a sharing of a flashback, she can show Nazmah everything that happened exactly how it happened. It’s a blue level spell, so if her partner had gone he would have just been an unreliable narrator.
Obviously, Nazmah has a preference.
If you look closely in Nievu’s first panel you can kind of see how Birdy joined the party. Sorta
Wynn has no idea what Luxa looks so happy about.

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Vote Incentive is a close up of Luxa and Wynn, in case you wanna see better what Luxa’s humming