Oh gosh FINALLY back. I’m so glad. December was really ridiculous and hard on me and I’d rather not go into the (super personal) reasons

Nazmah casually showing the only power we’ve seen her give her Blessed so far.

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This week’s vote incentive is a REALLY old $10 patron comic. Like one of the first ones. It’s gonna go up publicly sometime soon. Warning for blood~

Wynn: I- I- UM

Nievu: We have returned from our assignment My Queen.

Nazmah: I can see that finally.

Nazmah: You’re late.

Luxa: My apologizes Queen Nazmah, I went off task to help a friend.

Nazmah: Oh. Did you? But you did not see it wise to get permission first?
Luxa: I assure you Queen Nazmah, you will be pleased with the results.