“Verbalize” Is a white level spell that projects the thoughts you want it to in case you can’t speak. It isn’t a mind link, it’s more like a microphone.
Elfquest really influenced my art so I couldn’t resist making it look like sending.
Nievu isn’t a terribly expressive person, but this is a ridiculously exciting thing for her! The Queen asked her something! And she gets to gush! About the people she thinks are neat!

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Nievu Thinking: What an honor, she asks my opinion

Nievu Thinking: Which will mean nothing if I cannot communicate it.
Magic: Verbalize

Nievu (Through Spell): There was concern the Gourmand would prove to be incompetent and their civilian companions a hindrance
Nievu(S): I do not think praise is appropriate

Nievu(S): I truly believe they should be rewarded.

Nievu(S): Siyav is kind enough to charm a lucky bird without force
Nievu(S): Shirley knew enough to make my recovery painless.
Nievu(S): Wynn is adaptable and selfless in ways we used to test for

Nazmah Thinking: “Used to?”