And now, given enough time without having to Speak, Nievu can be calm enough to say the last cutest thing out loud. Friendship! Nievu’s usual partner’s kind of a dink!
Whose lordship does Luxa want reviewed? Does Luxa count as that kind of Lady?
One of my partners said the treasure pile looked like “The most generic bullshit treasure pile ever” so I nailed it. Who cares about a room full of gold when you’re already ridiculously wealthy and powerful?

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Nievu: I would rather work with them than my current partner, any day.

Nazmah: Thank you Mage Nievu. You have confirmed my interpretations.

Nazmah: Luxa is in my employ, her terms were already set. But I try to value the contributions of my people fairly.

Nazmah: A competant group of Blessed require a reward more significant than gold. Something of real value.