This update was late as heck but…WE HAVE OUR FIRST PATRON CAMEO!!

The healer is PK! He’s been a patron for *two years* and I’m SO happy to have put him in the comic! He’ll be here next page too, conversating with Nievu about her health. His one note was to make sure he was short so even Nievu is taller than him if you look at furniture and stuff.

TWC Vote incentive is a preview of some fanart I’m doing for BNHA and patrons will have the whole sketch <3

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PK: You’ve made a remarkable recovery Mage Nievu.

Nievu: I am glad to hear.

PK: But to tell you the truth… Someone at your level of magic really can’t be so reckless with their drain.

Nievu sighs

Nievu: You healers never understand.