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With that, I’m putting Blessings on a hiatus so I can actually do all the things I was supposed to do during the last one that got eaten by family.

I need to finish thumbnailing this chapter, among other things. And I’m behind on patron stuff which is incredibly unfair to all those fabulous people <3

So, Blessings will be back in a few weeks when I have my shit together. And in the meantime I’ll post art on Wednesdays and Saturdays and give updates

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Nievu: My magical drain occurred while acting on direct orders from My Queen. There was nothing I could do.

PK: You are fast approaching the crossover into black magic, the cut would be a shame for someone so young and promising to fall to.

Nievu: Crossing over would simply mean I would have more power to benefit Queen Nazmah

PK: It would mean not reaching old age. Honestly, just consider the benefits of remaining at your current range. At least until you’ve served longer…?

Nievu: I shall consider…